Who Am I

Who Am I?

Well, this is always an interesting question to answer for anybody. Who are you?!

In the world outside I go by my given birth name of course, but in the digital world, much like many of the digital revolution I developed a pseudonym, something I would go by in the developing online world. This is something now reserved for streamers and Twitter users, however it was just the normal thing to do back then, you decided your name with any train of thought and it was just who you were, nobody gave it to you, nobody approved it, it just was.

The original name was Milec, and I went by this for years in the days where even getting online was a chore and you had to ask for permission to tie up the phoneline while your computer had a meltdown trying to login for the 100th redial.

In about 2000 I bit the MMO bug hard, I loved every second of online gaming in a world controlled by other players. In 2003 Star Wars Galaxies was the game that sucked my free life into it and took money from me as often as it could, I was a real addict from the get go… Keep in mind, back then it wasn’t the kids mess it became with the nerf-update, this was something that required more skill than a high-end Warcraft raid and more patience than anything I’d played before. I’ll blog about the reasons and such in a separate post as it is quite a long story but in the end it resulted in the new Milek J. Scythe being created.

I’ve been gaming since I was about 3 to 4 years old making me a veteran gamer of over 35 years and use both PC and Xbox. This again will be another post with reasons etc, I know it’s a fan base splitter but trust when I say I’ve done it all!

I’m a massive geek and have been since I was brought up by one. Star Trek was primarily the cause for my sci-fi love, old programs like OG Doctor Who (Tom Baker being my first Doc), Red Dwarf, Captain Scarlet, and in film Star Wars was always big in the family, and still is really.

I was a comic book guy, I got into those as I got older and they became the source of ridicule as I became known for it in highschool (Who’s laughing now!). Between my dads love of Trek, one of my brothers love of horror and the other of Star Wars my own likes were an amalgamation of it all with a heavy dose of comedy. Stand-up is still one of my favourite things to watch and enjoy.

So here I am at 39, staring down the barrel of the 40’s while still holding onto my child-like love of ‘things’ and really not giving a crap about it. I collect toys, love gadgets and gaming and even dabbling in game design, never too old!

In the real world I’m a husband and a parent and have passed the torch of gaming well and truly on, my wife is a real gamer, not a “Gamer gurl” as some claim a title of, you can give her a follow at abcsofbeth.com
My son also has his own channel and live gaming profile, we are still working the kinks out with how we want him to proceed in a world of craziness but the thirst is real with him and he will likely be joining me on some live streams along with the rest of the family. My youngest son, 5, was gaming at 18 months, having wanted to get involved with the family time activity (Yes, gaming for us is valuable family time!) we have yet to craft him an online presence outside of a profile.

As I stated in this post a couple of times, there is a lot to elaborate on, however those will be posts of their own with their own stories and content. But this should give a background of Milek Scythe!


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