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Fallout Show Announced

     There are a lot of rumours and ‘facts’ surrounding the teaser released by Bethesda’s own channel on Twitter and later Facebook. But there are also concerns on the air surrounding it.

     I’m not looking into what the studio is doing prior to a real solid announcement with some idea of the groundwork. My reasons for this are mainly that it can be set anywhere in the US, like, ANYWHERE!

     We could have a Walking Dead style slow burner of the Lone Survivor ilk, slowly guiding new fans in with what you need to know of the lore surrounding Fallout’s world with a new perspective, or we could go full tilt into it with a member of the Brotherhood as the prime character base. The setting, however, is imperative to know in order to come up with the stories surrounding our main protagonist(s).

     Fallout 3 was the game that introduced most people into its fandom, regardless of how many claimed to have been a fan from Fallout’s beginnings, as if those numbers were real this would have been the biggest game in history back then, and so most know the story. Born in a vault, raised in confinement with other families residing there many years after a nuclear war wiped out the country. You emerge in rather sketchy circumstances into a world you’ve never been in before, you slowly uncover the past over the course of the game learning there are many vaults and what secrets they held amongst 100’s of other things, mainly what was VaultTec upto and did they have something to do with the problems in the new world? Your main questlines purpose, was the purification of the heavily irradiated water supply.

     Does it need to follow the games closely? Well no, in fact they only have to really keep staples of the game lore in to ensure a whole new look on the world with a whole different goal… BUT there is also scope of them rehashing some of the game. How? Simple if you think about it. We’re in a world that has little to no communication setup, we have old style terminals with logs on, we have factions throughout the whole US, we have only one simple thing that is essential to any story in the world, VaultTec. So, we have several avenues to go down, we could be following another survivor, he would have no clue that the person who left Vault 101 did some of the things he/she is planning on doing. It could be before or after certain known events, Megaton could feature, both as a town or as a crater. What CANNOT be done, is have the character make that call himself, as this in cannon, did not happen. If it exists post 101 dwellers events, then it’s there because the bomb is disarmed, if it’s a crater, then it is so because Tenpenny exists and his plan was carried out, therefore he could be a character.

     We can skirt freely around the events of known protagonists but we can’t be shown interfering with them in any way, to do so would remove the characters arc that people have spent hundreds of hours creating a narrative that essentially in their eyes is theirs. I use 3 as the premise here as the New Vegas aspect is not going to be viable and neither are the events contained, so the likelihood is it will never be seen or mentioned. The same could be said for Fallout 4, a protagonist that much to the annoyance of many, had a crafted history. This line would be hard to mimic, interfere or interact with due to its straightforward “save son/kill son” angle. But we cannot rule out that the Institute IS going to be huge in the series.

    Why would the Institute be mentioned over the likes of the Brotherhood or Enclave? Well, again you have to think logically. The Institute had created synthetic life much in the way of mimicking Westworld, in that the Synths were self-aware and hiding amongst people, also playing on the Bladerunner setup. The only major fact known about the series is that the same people known for Westworld are leading this project, so they would have angles pre-written that they could lean heavily into. This for me personally, wouldn’t be a wise call simply because it’s too obvious a reach to play it off as a WW spinoff series, however if they play to their strengths then it could well be that route, from a purely speculative point of view.

    Why are people worried? Well, look at game to screen conversions of the past. Very rarely does a film or show do a game justice. What someone who dedicates hours, weeks, months and even years into, can be faltered and illusions shattered by one bad move on the screen. This normally comes when a vastly complex plot line is condensed into a prologue or really obvious exposition for the sake of ‘Read this or you’re not going to have a clue what’s going on!’ Look at Street Fighter, the film made no sense what-so-ever and the only thing it shared with the game were the characters, most of which were not of those people knew and loved.

     Granted we’ve had some films that, while cheesy as all hell, work for at least the cult viewership of fandoms. Mortal Kombat (FIRST ONLY), the original 2 Tomb Raider films to name a few, but a series has only really been possible in cartoon fashions, for kids, like Mario and Sonic. What is different with a series, we have the ability to open the world up to people as we were introduced to the games, make some character build episodes, hell, even a full series based in a Vault in preparation of leaving and season one ends with the door rolling open and the world outside blazing it’s monotonal, greyed sun glare into the vault entrance.

    In my view, people should not be worried as it’s redundant, they’ll do it and people will either love or hate it. One of my biggest gripes was with Assassins Creed. I’ve sunk countless months into those games and invested in their story and the arcs surrounding Abstergo. The film boasted writers from the game creators, an actor who was not only a big name, but a huge AC fan from his own mouth, I was beyond hyped for this as I think I should be for Fallout TV… Only to go and make something so bad that the subsequent game mocked how ridiculous the design set was and how useless the character from history proved to be while off screen killing Callum so we never have a repeat of the event.

     So for now, we know we have a series to look forward to, what we want is something new and enjoyable and not for it to be as laughable as Todd Howard starting the season off by saying ‘It just works!’, it doesn’t Todd, you know this to be true.

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    5 July 2020 at 8:40 pm

    Great write up. I’m looking forward to seeing how it’ll work out, and like you say – hopefully it won’t be the monstrosity that was the Assassin’s Creed film 🤦🏼‍♀️


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