Fallout 76: The First Live Stream

First official live stream

     So here’s the edited version of the first live stream from Milek Scythe.

     There were a few things that need to change in furture streams, such as the mic volume up and the game volume down. And yes keeping the langauge in check was difficult as you’ll be able to tell from the bleeps…

     Lets talk about the stream itself first of all. 

     Setting this up was quite a chore, infact it’s taken a few days to get everything just right and learn how to activate features such as a countdown to live show and how to have my image just right. But it all worked. 

     I did find in pre-edit rewatching that my microphone volume was way too low compared to the games audio and yes, that will be something easily adjusted. However there were some other things that nearly went unnoticed.

     My voice is slightly out of sync with the stream. Not by a massive amount but that’s going to be a bit of messing to fix for the next streaming session. Also my ‘blue bulb’ effect I set on google really didn’t work too well, but that’s as simple as ‘Hey Google, light white’.

     And onto content. Well… I did wanna try something completely new to myself for a new format of streaming and this is a game I really didn’t wanna put myself through. But putting myself in an uncomfortable game I thought may induce some more conversation through the stream for commentary to be fresh as I didn’t know what I was ‘walking into’.

     I felt that this was, from the minute the textures glitched in the panning start screen, going to be just as bad as people stated it was on release. Unfortunately I was proved right.

     I have always been a huge Fallout fan and have dedicated countless weeks and months the the game in all versions, even the lackluster Fallout 4. This just hit every nerve wrong, mainly ‘multiplayer’… RPG players like RPG’s for one main reason. Story. Solo role playing stories that provide escapism…

     This was devoid of any life what so ever. I met one dweller other than me in the vault that, with the exception of trying to hit me, didn’t say or do anything of interest, the droids were one note copies of Codsworth and showed no personality of note. And they were the things set to make the task of opening a box that little more complicated by going desk to desk and asking why the vault was empty, even though I’ve heard as I woke up that it’s reclamation day and we’ve all gone… But yeah, please have hours of monotonal dialogue for same!

    The game is trash, and I felt dirty from beginning to end. The begging for money items there is beyond a joke and the voice acting sounded like it was done during the pandemic and just phoned in. 

     A lifeless, boring slog of an hour playing. I have since uninstalled and Milek will likely never grace those pixelated lands again.

     Until next time, have fun out there guys, just maybe not in West Virginia 2101.

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