A Stream From A Trip

A Stream Idea From A Trip

     Sorry for the past few days radio silence.

     I have taken a well needed family break after the events of the year so far, that have forced me to work for every single day since my 39th birthday. Lockdown UK day. We’ve come to a remote area of Scotland with very little to do here, which is worsened by the lockdown still affecting many things north of the border. The one thing we did find that was kid friendly was a Dinosaur Park.

     After an enjoyable day, it got me thinking about dino games, and my favourite dino game is by far Jurassic Park: Evolution. I do love top down strategies from the days of Cannon Fodder, to C&C, Dune and pretty much anything on that control with “Theme ‘Anything’ ” also being high on the gaming list. The latest being a turn based series in X-Com, 1+2… I hammered them both to 100% completion inside a month.

    Evolution was one of the most well thought out and well laid out games that had something different. Even the 3D interactions in the custom park environment felt smooth and not forced as previous attempts had. It also had one massively handy thing that most games don’t. If you get frustrated, you can just break a few fences and turn off a couple of gates and relax while your perfectly genetically modified creations smash their way through the park and eat your patrons. Ahh, the many hours of fun that alone can hold.

     So, it’s with this in mind, I am thinking I may be looking into a stream focused on the game alone. I personally think it could work, actually I have so many ideas I could even make it one of my very first series of game streams, maybe a once or twice a month thing. 

     What I would like is a little bit of feed back, should Scythe Park become open for business as a permanent basis or maybe just a one off build and desolate?

     Anyway, I’m off to relax and enjoy what remains of my time off work.

     Have yourselves a good remainder of the week my friends!

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