24 Hour Challenge


     With more stream ideas to come I am contemplating another run at something I did back in 2016. A challenge of a solid 24 hours live streamed gaming to raise money for a cancer Support charity.

     This is something that the younger me wouldn’t see as much as a challenge rather than a Saturday on my computer, however 24 hours with a family, job and commitments is actually something I wish I could do without succumbing to fatigue.

     I have had to make some changes to the plans this year however due to the Twitch affiliation with my usual charity causing me to revaluate who I’m going to raise money for. I asked about from both friends and family, all of whom made good and valid choices, but one that came up more than once was the Royal British Legion, a charity everyone thinks of for a couple of weeks a year toward Remembrance Sunday and very little is thought of or mentioned thereafter. 

     Back in 2018 I had to stay home for work commitments, (manager got pissy about me wanting a week off on only 2 weeks notice), but my wife and 2 boys went to Belgium with my in-laws to visit the war graves. This instilled a massive level of compassion into my kids as well as a respect level that I didn’t expect.

     A year later they all decided they would do a 10k ‘Poppy Walk’ on behalf of the RBL to raise money for the charity and even though the little legs of my then 4 year old boy were wobbly toward the end, they all completed it. They still have their medals and see it as the accomplishment it should be. 

     So this year, it’s my turn to raise some money for them. I will be dedicating this years charity stream to all the Men and Women who have served our country past and present.

     You can click and share the GoFundMe page here. And the stream will be live via Facebook Gaming and hopefully right here on our site!

     Hope to see you all in the chat!

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