Epic Vs. Apple

Epic Games Vs Apple

     I’ve blogged about Fortnite before, while not to everyone’s taste, be it through playing and not liking or being a sheep and just listening to other peoples opinion because it’s trendy to hate these days. It doesn’t matter to what developed over the past 24 hours.

     Fortnite released on Android (Google) a long time ago via the Epic Store app. For a conversion to phone/tablet play it was amazingly well done. They recently moved it to the Play Store and moreover iOS App Store… And Epic quickly found themselves on the profit loss side due to both Apple and Google having a policy that any game with in-game purchases must go through their payment system. 30% of everything goes to them.

    What happened yesterday was instead of taking a 30% hit per transaction, Epic did violate the policy and allow players to purchase V-bucks at a 20% lower cost. This means that they are still on the loss side but now it’s only 20% saving them 10% and cutting the costs completly from the behemoth companies Google and Apple.

     The response from Google was –

    “While Fortnite remains available on Android, we can no longer make it available on Play because it violates our policies. However, we welcome the opportunity to continue our discussions with Epic and bring Fortnite back to Google Play,”

     Perfectly acceptable to gamers who had it from their store before and it’s obviously something Google themselves see as a good karma boost for public opinion by still allowing a work around despite it being removed from their store for rule breaking. 

     So we should expect Apple to respond in kind right? Going in-line with Googles ‘Oh well, we’ll figure it out in the meantime.’ approach, yes?

     This is Apple, seriously, one of the biggest money making companies on the planet that charge people way more than any other company for essentially dead tech with a lick of paint and a logo that is synonymous with money. You try to take money off them, prepare for war…

     Seems Epic have done just that, as of 13/08/20 a lawsuit has been filled against Apple for App Monopoly violations. Who does Apples move damage? Gamers. That’s who gets it in the backside when Apple turn nasty. Epic make Billions, yes BILLIONS in revenue, Apple make more, but Epic took it one step further.

     Not only did they file suit against Apple, they have thrown a gauntlet in the faces of Apple bosses and damaged their reputation that will surely have a massive negative effect on their bottom line in the next financial year. 

     The hashtag #freefortnite was launched on all social media platforms and a video which is so damning and so frigging perfect it makes me pleased to watch every frame detailing so much in 45 seconds.

     The videos below are 1st Apples 1984 advertisement and then the 2nd will demonstrate how that same advert is their worst possible thing to come back from the past to haunt them! 

     I would urge you to watch them both in the order posted to get the full impact of how badly this is going to hurt Apple.


Source: Youtube Channel – MAC History

Source: Youtube Channel – Fortnite

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